Nature gives people space to live. With the advancement of mankind, the advancement of science and technology, nature has provided man with materials and resources for production, but also a place for human’s waste.

Well known that in any age, nature and the environment are important to human beings, especially as society grows, environmental issues are becoming more and more important, It affects human life and health. The environment and development are closely related: the environment is the area and the object of development, and development is the cause of environmental change.

Today, environment is the common issue of all humanity. Weather is becoming more severe and difficult to forecast, rain and floods fluctuate abnormally, soil and water degradation, forest resource depletion, environmental pollution occur on a large scale ... These are environmental issues that all human beings have been facing. Humans have had too much impact on the environment, exploited to the point of exhausted resources, waste of many toxins, making the environment no longer capable of self-degradation.

Environmental protection is a mandatory requirement for mining and metallurgical activities. Because these are particular industries, have very deep and diverse impact on the environment. There are still many organizations and individuals who take lightly the problem of waste treatment in the process of exploiting and distributing dust in mining, processing and operation, affecting the life of people in the vicinity; No rehabilitation or restoration of the environment at the end of the exploitation period.

In fact, there are many cases of neglecting or pay not enough attention to the environmental problem, which affect the efficiency and investment of each project as well as the possible risks of unforeseen disasters.

SIERRA researches and implements environmental protection works, especially the study of environmental protection regulations during exploitation projects, general management and technical solutions for renovation works and environmental recovery.

SIERRA also researches and develops technologies for sludge treatment of biochemicals, industrial sludge, hazardous wastes, Industrial waste for mining, mineral beneficiation, metallurgical, chemical, thermal power industry ... in the country, instead of burner and buried methods which is thoroughly affected the environment.