SIERRA has determined its prestige by helping its investment partners to solve the problems of optimizing the efficiency of their production and business activities, especially the projects on research and creation new technologies or apply existing technologies to the treatment of materials, industrial wastes which are without treatment solution.

SIERRA conducts consultancy and investment promotion activities, helping / linking domestic and foreign companies and groups to explore and carry out geological survey and making feasibility studies (FS), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Rehabilitation Project (ERP), design for mines, mineral processing plants, metallurgical plants and industrial waste treatment plants.

SIERRA directly invests in or establishes science and technology enterprises, high-tech enterprises to carry out research, investment, production projects and cooperate with other enterprises and organizations, with the specific objectives for each project, in accordance with current Vietnamese and international laws.

SIERRA is a reliable partner of many companies, scientific and technological organizations, laboratories, universities of technology in the country and the international.